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In a recent survey, 10 FAQs were asked about the company. Here are the results:


What inspired you to create the survey

In 2008, the New York Times ran a front-page article about the city’s subway system. The article detailed how the system was in disrepair, with an increasing number of delays and breakdowns.

As a lifelong New Yorker, I was deeply disappointed by this state of affairs. The subway is such an important part of life in this city, and I wanted to do something to help.

So I decided to create the survey.

The survey is a simple way for riders to share their experiences with the MTA. It’s anonymous, and takes just a few minutes to complete.

Since launching the survey, we’ve received thousands of responses from riders all over the city. And we’ve used those responses to help make the case for much-needed improvements to the subway system.

I’m proud to say that, thanks in part to the survey, the MTA has made some significant progress in recent years. But there’s still more work to be done, and I hope that the survey will continue to be a powerful tool in making positive change happen.


How did you come up with the idea for the survey

We wanted to get feedback from our riders on their experience using the website. We thought it would be a great way to get input on how we can improve the site and make it more user-friendly. Plus, we figured that our riders are the experts on using the subway, so who better to ask for feedback?

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What was your motivation for creating the survey

When we set out to create the survey, our motivation was twofold. First, we wanted to get a better understanding of how people use and perceive the Subway brand. Second, we wanted to gauge people’s opinion on some of the changes we’ve made to the Subway website over the past year.

We’re happy to report that the survey was a resounding success. We received responses from people all over the world, and we’re using that feedback to inform our decisions going forward. Thank you to everyone who participated!


How did you develop the survey

The survey was developed to collect customer feedback about their experience with the Subway restaurant chain. The survey asks customers to rate their satisfaction with various aspects of the restaurant, including the food, service, and cleanliness. Customers are also asked to provide comments about their experience.


What was your process for creating the survey

The first step in creating the survey was to come up with a list of questions that would be both relevant and helpful in understanding our customers’ needs and wants. Once we had our list of questions, we created the survey in an online tool called SurveyMonkey.

We then sent the survey out to a large group of our customers via email and social media. In total, we received over 1,000 responses, which provided us with valuable insights into what our customers think about our website and how we can improve it.

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Some of the key findings from the survey included that:

-Our customers want more discounts and coupons on our website

-They would like to see more product reviews and ratings

-They want faster shipping times

-They would like to see more variety in our product selection

Based on these findings, we have already made some changes to our website, such as adding more coupons and discounts, and we are working on adding more product reviews and ratings. We are also working on increasing our inventory so that we can offer more products to our customers.


How long did it take you to develop the survey

It took us several months to develop the survey. We wanted to make sure that we covered all of the important topics and that the questions were clear and concise. We also wanted to make sure that the survey was easy to use and navigate. Overall, we are extremely happy with the final product and we believe that it will be a valuable tool for our customers.


How much input did you have from others in developing the survey

The survey was developed with input from a variety of sources, including focus groups, surveys, and user testing. We wanted to make sure that the survey was user-friendly and would provide valuable feedback to help improve the site. The input we received was invaluable in helping us create a successful survey.


Who helped you develop the survey

In 2015, the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) conducted a customer satisfaction survey called “” The survey was developed with the help of a company called Sampling Solutions, which specializes in online surveys.

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The survey asked riders about their overall satisfaction with the subway system, their experience with specific subway lines, and their thoughts on a variety of other topics. Over 50,000 people responded to the survey, making it one of the largest customer satisfaction surveys ever conducted by the NYCTA.

The results of the survey helped the NYCTA identify areas where they needed to improve, such as communication with customers and cleanliness of stations. The survey also showed that riders were generally satisfied with the subway system and appreciated its convenience.


How did you promote the survey

We wanted to make sure that as many people as possible saw the survey, so we promoted it heavily on social media and through our email list. We also reached out to some bloggers and influencers to see if they would be interested in sharing the survey with their followers.


Why did you create the survey

The survey was created in order to collect feedback from customers about their experience with the company and its products. The survey is an important part of’s effort to improve its customer service and overall satisfaction.