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Pizza Hut is a famous American restaurant, and to continue providing exceptional services, the company normally conducts a customer survey. The survey is known as the tellpizzahut survey, where customers are free to express their interests and requirements.

It comes in the form of questions, and you need to be honest when answering so that the company can help improve your experience. You are free to give feedback and how your experience was when you visited our restaurants.

Once you visit one of the many Pizza Hut branches you will get the best service and as we all know, Pizza Hut has some of the most delicious pizza and snacks that will leave you wanting more.

So why not take a few minutes and tell the company how your experience was and what you want them to do. It is just a good way of giving your feedback, and in return, you have a chance of winning a price in their sweepstake.

You might just be the next winner by purchasing from any of their many branches. The survey can be taken online, and it only takes a few minutes.

Your feedback really matters to the company, and you will get a coupon code. Feel free to try out the survey.


Pizza Hut Survey Prize

Many companies like to hear what their customers have to say, and Pizza Hut is no different. By taking part in their customer survey, you will have a chance to express how you feel.

The coupon will be used in their sweepstake program, and some of their esteemed customers always end up winning something.

You can win up to $ 1000 for participating and giving out your opinion. So next time you feel like pizza, just visit one of the many restaurants around, and you could be a winner.


About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Restaurant
Pizza Hut Restaurant

Pizza Hut is an international company and an American restaurant founded by Frank and Dan in 1958. It is famous for its Italian American cuisine, which is delicious and loved by many. The pizza that comes from their restaurants always leaves customers coming back.

Apart from pizza, you can also get delicious pasta, salads, and other desserts. The company has more than 18,000 restaurants. You can easily find a Pizza Hut near you, and they also offer a buffet, and their pizza is finger-licking good.

The company has introduced a survey whereby all their customers who visit, get a chance to express their experience. The survey is carried in all their restaurants, so you should not worry about being locked out.

Once you dine at any of their branches, you will be placed in a sweepstake competition where you will likely win something. They have an excellent customer base and would like to make it even better.

If you want something to be changed on their menu, you are free to express it, and if you were not well served, you could raise that as well. The company is always ready to help all its customers, and they are always listening to your feedback.


Pizza Hut Survey Details

Name Pizza Hut
Survey Site
Survey Price Coupon
Offer Valid at In Stores Only
Age Limit 18 and Above
Language English and Spanish


Pizza Hut Survey Rules and Requirements

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut
  1. Must be taken online

For any of their customers who wants to take part in the survey, you must have access to a computer and your internet must be stable. Log in to the site tellpizzahut, and you can take the survey.


  1. Must speak English or Spanish

When it comes to language, you must be able to communicate in either English or Spanish. Before you log into the site, you will be required to choose either of the two. You can find someone to help you if you cannot speak either of the two languages.


  1. Must have a receipt

If you visit any of Pizza Hut restaurants and buy something, you will be issued a receipt, which you must keep safely. So, the next time you visit, you will have a chance to take the survey. Always carry your receipt with you.


  1. Must be 18 years and above

Any customer who is below the age of 18 cannot take part. You must be 18 years and above for you to be eligible for the survey. Ask your parents to help you if you are below age.


How to Take Pizza Hut Survey?

  1. Visit the Survey Site

The first thing that you will be required to do is to click tellpizzahut, and you will be taken directly to the portal. From there, you can proceed.


  1. Choose your Language

You will be required to select your preferred language, and you have only two options. You can either choose English or Spanish. If you do not know either, you can have someone help you out.


  1. Enter Store Number

The next step will require you to enter your receipt code number, which can be found at the bottom of your receipt. Do not leave any spaces in between. Just type it the way it is.


  1. Answer Questions

Once you are logged in, you will start answering different questions about your experience and what you expect. Always be honest when answering the questions because the company needs to know how you feel. The company likes to make all their customers happy.


  1. Enter the Sweepstake

Once you are done answering all the questions, you will log out, and immediately you will have joined the promotional sweepstake. You never know when your number will come up as the winner.


Pizza Hut Survey Homepage

On the home page of Pizza Hut, you will see delicious-looking pizza in the background. The page is very well designed, and once you visit it, you will have to buy something because of what you will see on their site.


Contact Pizza Hut/ Reference Links

Official Survey Website: tellpizzahut

Official Website:

Phone: 1-877-440-9091